Katrina’s contest

Ok, usually, I never come up with ideas for contests or competitions or fundraisers or whatever….until last night. Ok I was up until midnight last night thinking of a new idea for this blog. That’s when I had an idea for a new contest, well, TWO new ideas to be exact:

Here is the contest: You have a choice to do either part 1, part 2, or both. The winners will get recongnition on this blog (sorry, I tried to make a virtual trophy, but it was messed up, so you get recognition instead). Alright, I know the prize is lame, but I can’t really hand you a million dollars for winning. Now here are the descriptions for the contest:

Part 1: A beauty contest. Does your pet have the style (and clothes) to win this contest? Have you always admired your pet for it’s beauty? Are other pet owners jealous of your pretty and posh pet? Then this is the contest for you! It’s simple! Just take a picture of your pet, and post it on the blog in the comments section. The winner will (once again) get recognition on this blog.

Part 2: A song-writing contest. Do you consider yourself to be a musician? Are you good at singing or playing an instrument? Do you think you’re fit for song-writing? This is the contest for you! Write a song, and post the lyrics in a comment for this blog. (Optional: You may also record a video of yourself and any other friends singing the song, or playing it on an instrument, but you need to find a way to send it to me through a comment.)

So, if you’re interested in joining either one of these contests, then start making your pet look beautiful, and/or start writing your song!

Also, just to add to that, I would like to let you know that my OFFICIAL name is Kavya, not Trisha. Trisha is just a pen name! I apologize for naming one of my posts as TRISHA’S guide to making money… I will edit that.

edit (June 22, 2009)- the contests have been canceled. No one has entered a submission.


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