Partying in Pet Society

Parties are great. It’s fun to hang out with your friends, and eat the delicious food they serve. A couple of weeks ago, Katrina was invited to three different parties:

 Spice threw a party, and she invited Katrina. That was a lot of fun…they partied till midnight. The next day, Katrina fell asleep on the couch.

Angel was happy to see Katrina at her house, and they had a pizza party.

Moose had a birthday party, and invited Katrina to help her celebrate.

And don’t forget about the best part of going to a party: receiving party favors. Katrina received a lot of stuff that day:

But, I was starting to get jealous. If they could throw a party, then so could I. That’s when we went shopping.

We bought a bunch of things: A cake, a pizza, some cupcakes, and even coconut juice! I was planning an outdoor party, and I invited Angel to join me.

That day, I got ready:

Everything was set up, so I had to wait for Angel to arrive. At last Angel arrived, and she joined us out in the yard. The minute she arrived, Katrina knew that the party was getting started, but before she even said “hi” to Angel, she pigged out on the pizza:


Just when Katrina was ruining the party, she pooed right in front of Angel, and she hopped up to the table to eat the cake.

That really killed the mood. Luckily, the cake was out of Katrina’s reach, so she couldn’t eat it…yet. After she did all of that, she remained well-behaved for the rest of the party. Finally! Things were getting better. Just when we were about to set up the outdoor games, Angel asked for soap.

I cleaned her up, so we could get started.

We started out with soccer.

Katrina lost, but I suppose it’s because of genetics. Angel’s owner, Kira is a much better soccer player than me, so I didn’t really have high expectations for Katrina…

After that, we decided to wrap it up. I swear, I saw a tear in Katrina’s eye while Angel was leaving.

But the cake was still left, so we decided to get rid of it.

I pulled it down for a second, and then my mom called me to tell me something. Just as I was walking back, I saw Katrina gobbling the cake.

I thought it was over, but it didn’t end. She ate everything.

It was basically a banquet:

Oh, well. At least someone’s happy. But the next time I throw a party for Katrina, NO FOOD ALLOWED!



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