Pet Society Traveler: Italy


Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

This week, our destination is Europe. Which part? Italy.

Recently, I met a girl named Angela* and her cute little pet King Thindir. Angela’s decorating skills are genius! This girl Romanized her house completely after level 31. My favorite room features a fountain spouting water into a pond:


This beautiful room is easy to recreate! The fountain here isn’t for sale any more, but other fountains work just as well.

This isn’t the only room that impresses me. Angela’s using her brilliance for other ideas. Take a look at this:


Doesn’t this look like a seaside balcony? All you need are some shelves and a blind to act as a wall. There’s even a picture on the blind and a cute little parakeet nearby to make the whole scene more convincing. It’s just the perfect setting to laze around and sip a coconut juice.


Ahh. The beautiful night sky! How lovely! Katrina and Thindir sat under the stars and chatted all night.

After touring the house, I stepped into the gardens. One of them is normal, with just plants. But the other one is spectacular, using arched windows and columns in a whole new way.


After exploring the house, Katrina and Thindir ate a pizza. Sooo Italian!

Things You Need to Make a Garden Courtyard:

  • White fluted columns (650 coins each) from DIY.
  • Villa Patrizia Windows (450 coins each) from the Luxury Shop – We’re not sure why this is in the Luxury Shop. At 450 coins, it’s way cheaper than the other materials there.
  • Maple Stair Units (800 coins each) to place on top of the columns. You can also try the cheaper Simple Shelves (50 coins each), which work well too.
  • Place everything in a garden; you won’t have to purchase wallpaper or carpet.

* Angela is a pseudonym.


2 Responses to “Pet Society Traveler: Italy”

  1. 1 John October 24, 2009 at 4:03 AM

    I love King Thindir’s outfit! Does anyone know where to get those clothes? I would like to try them out, but I can’t seem to find any of them :[ There’s the nice top hat, the golden eyepiece, and a cool suit. Thanks 😀

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