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Pictures aren’t what they used to be!

Hey folks!

This Monday, I’m sure you all had to withstand seeing the horrible pictures on my guide to throwing parties. I can promise you that you will never see them again. I’m not that experienced with the computer, so I thought that the other bloggers were using digital cameras. I was wrong. Turns out that they were taking photos of the screen with the keyboard. whoops.

Well, I’m glad my friend taught me that. Now, I can assure you that my pictures will NOT be cruddy!!


Better quality picture!


Pretty sweet, huh? The quality doesn’t suck at all! I’ve been practicing some new tricks and techniques on photoshop, so I have a special surprise planned for tomorrow when my new post comes out. I’ve put more than two pets in a room. YES! You heard it. It’s a difficult job that took a long time to learn (about 1 1/2 hours) but it was all worth it.

Besides the quality of the pictures, I’ve also been wondering about the header. Is it…Dare I say…lame? Or is it the highlight of the blog? I’m not sure. It all depends on you guys. Answer the poll at the bottom, if you can. Thanks, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s long-awaited (Does 5 days count as long-awaited?) post, to see the results of my Halloween party!



Life with Kavya


I have recently created a new blog called “Life with Kavya”

Life with Kavya logo

I love writing, so much, that I’ve decided to open up a  blog to share my stories, diary entries, movie reviews, screenplays, and other stuff. Check it out!

I will continue writing pet society (I’ve been doing it all this time) and I will keep updating about important news.

I hope you enjoy my new blog!

Is my time worth blogging?

Hello Pet Society fanatics! Today, I have some non-pet society news to bring to you.

Lately, my teachers have been piling on homework! Projects, homework, quizzes and tests to study for! Yet, I am still able to blog. But I’ve been wondering, is my time really worth it? I check my stats every now and then and usually, the page views are about 160 to 180. That’s a plethora of views, but is it just a few people viewing my website 50 times a day? Or is it hundreds of people visiting it once or twice a day? In order to find out, I’ve created polls. Please take a few minutes to answer them. I’ll be closing polls after halloween.

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