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Definetly not an egg anymore!

My blue bird has really grown up over the past few days, in fact, I found it standing on it’s nest, humming a little tune!

But this is beginning to make me wonder… This bird might be joyful now and for the next few days, but can it die? The thought makes me shiver, but pretty soon, it’ll start flying around the garden, and it might be wandering around. But what if it gets old? After all, it can’t possibly live forever. I’m beginning to worry about this. This little bird is so cute, and I don’t want to replace it with some other bird.

I hope this bird lives a long life!!!


Eggstrordinary news!

My sleepy little baby bird has fully grown into a cute adult chick!

Sorry about not editing it, but I was so excited to tell you the news, I wanted to post right away! I have an adult bird now. But I wonder, can it get any bigger than this? We’ll find out.

Eggtravagent news!

Sorry, about the new lame pun, but my egg has finally hatched into a little baby bird!

baby bird!

Awww! What a cute little guy. Even though he cost me a fortune and a fishing hat, he’s still really cute. He’s a part of our family, and I’m going to keep the little guy in my backyard. I also named him Tweety!

However, for every cute little pet, there’s a pet who is jealous of it, and in this case, it’s Katrina. She may be smiling on the outside, but in the inside, she has developed a hatred for this baby bird. Katrina is a cat. And cats eat birds. I had better keep a close eye on her. And no going out to the garden, while I’m gone, otherwise this might happen:

If things go awry, it might end up here!

If things go awry, it might end up here!

As I cooed over Tweety, Katrina turned green with envy. She tried to grab the attention by lying down in the bed, trying to look as cute at possible.

Having Tweety around is actually quite uncomfortable. I have recurring nightmares of this:

All I hope is…that bird had better be there tomorrow morning…


Sorry about the lame pun, but I have some exciting news! My egg hasn’t been hatched yet… BUT it’s cracked

I was in such a rush, that I didn't even bathe Katrina before taking this picture

I was in such a rush, that I didn't even bathe Katrina before taking this picture

 See how it’s cracked? If you saw it with your own eyes, you would’ve been able to see it shaking every few seconds. I think the egg will be fully hatched by tonight. I am so psyched to find out what it is! I hope it’s not something dissapointing, because that’s just 10 coins out the window. If I didn’t buy the egg, I would’ve had enough money to buy the fishing hat. This egg had better surprise me! Or I will be extremely upset for a few days and I will hate myself for not buying that hat! I hope it’s not a dumb stuffed animal or a cheap sofa. My expectations are high!!! I hope it’s something from the luxury store, or some kind of expensive object from the cash shop. No use dreaming, I’ll find out soon enough!!!

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