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Playfish Cash

I did something today that I’m not very proud of…I got Playfish cash.

Ok, well, I’m not dumb enough to BUY it, but I just did a quick survey and earned 10 Playfish Cash.

The reason why I wanted the dough was because there was a beautiful rock fountain for sale, and I had to have it for my garden.

Want to earn some cash? Here’s how to get to the surveys:

First go to the cash shop, and find the ATM:

Click on the ATM, and browse through the choices until you find a bar that looks like this:

You can earn 10 coins by completing a survey, and 80 if you try or buy a product. I did a survey about auto insurance. Full disclosure: I had to make up most of the answers because I’m only thirteen and don’t even have a driver’s license. Let’s just say it was a creative exercise. I think I’ll do those surveys with my other accounts…Ca-ching! Ca-ching!


Eggs and Giant Rooms

Buy the egg! Only 10 playfish cash

Buy the egg! Only 10 playfish cash

I have some exciting news today. I wandered over to the cash shop, and checked out what was new. Since I had some cash, and I could get more, I thought it would be worth window-shopping for a while. So, I saw this cool new object. They call it: The egg, and it’s only 10 playfish cash! If you don’t have any cash, don’t feel bad, there are many other things that you can get with coins.

I’m curious to find out what this egg will bring. I hope to conduct some experiments to find out if the mysterious item is the same for every egg, or there are different items. It could range from anything to the illustrious rainbow poo to a nasty couch. There are possibilities unexplored. Once the egg hatches, I will be sure to make a post about it!

egg copy


In other news, you can now buy extra rooms! Once again, these involve playfish cash, don’t feel bad if you don’t have the money. But you can buy extra large rooms, and I did it! I bought an extra room, because my kitchen on the bottom floor was getting overloaded. So, now my kitchen is on the third floor.

My old kitchen on the bottom floor is being transformed into a library/play room. Don’t know how it’ll work out, but I hope it will.

Besides the egg and the extra room, there is one more thing that I want. Right now, I have 8 playfish cash, and I need 15 to buy this item. What is it? It’s a hat! A fishing hat!

This hat is special... and it covers up your pet's bald spots.

This hat is special... and it covers up your pet's bald spots.

This isn’t just any fishing hat, it allows you to catch fish and ONLY fish. No trash! No more stupid bike wheels, or broken vases, or other crap that no one needs. Just fish! So every bite is guaranteed to be a fish. But, it’s 15 playfish cash, and I don’t have enough. I’ll have to keep doing those surveys…

Kavya’s guide to making money: Six simple tips and tricks

“I’m so poor!”

“I need more money!”

“I saw the cutest dress in the clothes shop, and it’s only going to be there for a week! It’s so expensive, and I don’t have enough money to buy it! There’s no way I can make enough money before the end of the week!”

This is what would be heard from someone who hasn’t come across this guide. My main goal is to make you rich. Ok, well, maybe not RICH, but if you follow this guide, I guarantee you AT LEAST 1000 coins by the end of the week! Maybe more! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to a whole new lifestyle.

Ten simple tips and tricks:

1. The daily lottery is the first step. You can earn 50 or 100 coins. It’s completely random, so you get what you get! Occasionally, you may be able to earn 500 or 1000 coins on a day, but this happens quite rarely!

2. The trees are the next secret. If your pet runs through the trees, they might earn a coin or two. This doesn’t get you a lot of money, but it gets you money. When you run through all of the trees, they will become dry, and you won’t be able to earn any more coins. No problem! Just step back into a building, come back out, and you can earn money from the trees again.

3. Friends are money in this game! Going to a friend’s house earns you 20 coins! I have about 18 friends that use pet society, so I can earn 360 coins, just by visiting them! However, you can only visit them once a day to get coins, but everytime you visit them, you still earn a few paw points!

4. This tip requires a bit of courage and sacrifice. This is an old trick I learned from another website, but I forgot which one it was….What I do is that I go to the mystery store, and buy a couple of CHEAP mystery boxes. If you’re brave, you can go ahead and buy a regular mystery box, but it’s risky. Now have your pet open up your mystery box, and some item will appear. Whatever it is, see how much it is worth. If it’s more than 50 coins, congradulations, you’ve just made a profit! However, if it’s not, then I’m afraid that it wasn’t successful. But don’t give up, keep trying! Eventually, you will make a huge profit!

5. Thank goodness that there is a cafe! A wonderful way to meet other pets, and their owners! Not only that, but if you take care of them, you can earn a few coins that will pop out of them, and you can earn a bunch of paw points. (Do not feed those pets. Even if you feed them, you will not be able to do any justice to them. When the real users meet their pet, their pet’s status will not change. Just clean them and make them happy.)

6. Another way to get money is to race your pet. Even if you lose, you will still get some paw points:

1st place- 30 coins and 20 paw points

2nd place- no coins and 10 paw points

3rd place- no coins and 5 paw points.

You can also place a bet on another pet. There aren’t any special techniques or anything in this one, but it doesn’t hurt to gamble once or twice. If you place a bet on the winning pet, you will earn twice the amount of coins that you “gambled” with.

If I can find any more tips, then I will certainly post them here! But for now, here are six tips that are easy to follow.

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