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Halloween party results

Happy Halloween!

My halloween party was tonight, and it was awesome!

I didn’t want to invite too many people, so I chose four friends to join me.

There’s Sushi, Miyabi, Boo,  and maintenance! Just 4 1/2 girls (and 1/2 boy) hanging out. The reason why there’s a half-girl and a half-boy is because Sushi is both a female and a male. Sometimes he wears football helmets, other times she wears floral dresses.

I decided we could have a costume contest! I was the only one who didn’t have a costume. I wanted to be a mermaid, but I thought that, for halloween, I would have the best costume of all: Katrina. Yes, Katrina was just herself.

Katrina was the self-appointed judge of the competition. Pretty soon, everyone showed up!

All of us! From Left: Boo, Miyabi, Katrina, Maintenance, Sushi

 I realized that everyone had really fantastic costumes:

Sushi was a skeleton,( and obviously, he was a male during the party, erm, alpha male…)

Boo’s costume was random: she just wore a flower in her head, and wore a toga. I’ll call it the Roman Girl

Maintenance was a cheerleading skeleton

Miyabi was Tina Turner, but with gray hair!

All of the costumes were cute and eye-catching. Sushi’s costume really reflected his/her personality, Miyabi looked like a celebrity, Boo was absolutely adorable, and Maintenance had a spine-chilling, but interesting, costume! It was so difficult to choose. Everyone was creative, and careful in their choices, but I had to pick someone! I decided to change the schedule a little bit. Rather than judging before the games, I decided that judging would be the very last thing at the party. I figured that the games could kill some time while I thought about who was going to be the winner.

After we ate, and talked, and played the games, everyone faced Katrina. I started sweating. I had no idea who to choose, and I didn’t have enough time to think. Suddenly, an idea hatched in my brain.

My friends began asking me questions, like, “Did I win? Was it me? What’s the prize? My costume was so glam, did you like it?” “Umm…” I stuttered. “Tell you what, you’ll find out in your thank you cards!” They shrugged, and walked out the door, quietely arguing among one another.

I need your help! I’m planning to send out the party favors and the thank you cards on November 8th, but I don’t know who to choose!

Please answer the poll at the bottom of this post, and give an honest answer! I’ll give you the results on November  1st. Choose who you thought was the cutest!

Costumes Whose costume rocks? Sushi’s, Miyabi’s, Boo’s, or Maintenance?

Pet Society Traveler: Italy


Note: This post was written by guest blogger Kavya.

This week, our destination is Europe. Which part? Italy.

Recently, I met a girl named Angela* and her cute little pet King Thindir. Angela’s decorating skills are genius! This girl Romanized her house completely after level 31. My favorite room features a fountain spouting water into a pond:


This beautiful room is easy to recreate! The fountain here isn’t for sale any more, but other fountains work just as well.

This isn’t the only room that impresses me. Angela’s using her brilliance for other ideas. Take a look at this:


Doesn’t this look like a seaside balcony? All you need are some shelves and a blind to act as a wall. There’s even a picture on the blind and a cute little parakeet nearby to make the whole scene more convincing. It’s just the perfect setting to laze around and sip a coconut juice.


Ahh. The beautiful night sky! How lovely! Katrina and Thindir sat under the stars and chatted all night.

After touring the house, I stepped into the gardens. One of them is normal, with just plants. But the other one is spectacular, using arched windows and columns in a whole new way.


After exploring the house, Katrina and Thindir ate a pizza. Sooo Italian!

Things You Need to Make a Garden Courtyard:

  • White fluted columns (650 coins each) from DIY.
  • Villa Patrizia Windows (450 coins each) from the Luxury Shop – We’re not sure why this is in the Luxury Shop. At 450 coins, it’s way cheaper than the other materials there.
  • Maple Stair Units (800 coins each) to place on top of the columns. You can also try the cheaper Simple Shelves (50 coins each), which work well too.
  • Place everything in a garden; you won’t have to purchase wallpaper or carpet.

* Angela is a pseudonym.

A dream come true

It finally happened…I grew a cupcake tree!

I waited for my pet to poo golden poo, so I made her stand in the garden. As she walked around, I noticed a colorful object in the back:

So now I can see that the cupcake tree isn’t so rare after all! It’s a good thing I grew one, too. My anxiety was killing me.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for the golden poo. Now I can believe that miracles do happen.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

On June 26, 2009, famous pop singer, Michael Jackson, passed away. The strange thing was that I was listening to “Beat it” (a song by him) while reading the news.

Michael Jackson was known for his awesome dancing skills, and his singing. He also had a disease called Vitiligo (Albinoism) while made him turn white and pale. He also had many medical issues in the 90’s and even some in the 2000’s. May he rest in peace while not having to deal with his disease and old age. He was a good popstar…yes he was. He will be missed for eternity! We love you Michael!

Michael Jackson in 1984

The garden!!!

Congratulate me, please! Today I have just grown my first orange. I was very happy to see an orange in the tree. Without thinking I tore it down, and it fell on the ground:

Before Katrina could swallow it, I grabbed and checked how much I could get for it: 65 coins!!!!!

So now, I can sell  fruits and veggies for good prices!!! I will never take my tree down! I love the gardens!!!

Here’s how my garden looks right now:

I’m in the process of growing some more plants right now. Also, I finally found out what to do with my ex-garden…I turned it into a green house!

Well, it’s more of a blue and pink house, but I don’t really care. Yes, I realize that it is half-empty, but once I grow some more plants, it’ll be filled with flowers!!! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them later, but I’ll most likely give them away and restart the process. So my pet has a job now. Yippee!

Big news!!!

Alright, I logged into pet society, and I found two extra rooms in my house! But it was so peculiar to find them, because they were on the bottom floor of my house (I already have three on the bottom) and I went to check them out. Incredible! I can plant anything there! They even have the dirt pushed out, so I can plant whatever I want! That means I can get rid of my old garden, and create something else! Here’s a picture of it:


And adding to that, there is a new garden store, so you can plant seeds and stuff!!! Some trees even have fruits, so now I have them whenever I need them!!!!!!!

This is really surprising! Once I decorate my gardens and my ex-garden, I will be posting, so check for updates soon!

Great news!!!

Good news!!!!

Good news: Summer is almost here! Finally! Freed from the wrath and tyranny of school! I absolutely cannot wait! That also means I will be able to update more often! Right now, there isn’t much too talk about on pet society. Hopefully there will be something interesting happening soon…

More good news :  Soyon said she was going to start a new blog. I was happy for her, but it also said that she wouldn’t update pet society as much. 😦  Now, she won’t END the blog, but her posts won’t be as frequent! But I really think it’s cool she’s starting a new one! If you would like to see her new blog, here is a link to it:

It’s quite interesting from what I’ve read, so I would highly reccommend it if you need a laugh! Well, that’s about it for now.

Can’t wait till summer, and I wish lots of luck to Soyon with her new blog!!!!!!

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