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Halloween party results

Happy Halloween!

My halloween party was tonight, and it was awesome!

I didn’t want to invite too many people, so I chose four friends to join me.

There’s Sushi, Miyabi, Boo,  and maintenance! Just 4 1/2 girls (and 1/2 boy) hanging out. The reason why there’s a half-girl and a half-boy is because Sushi is both a female and a male. Sometimes he wears football helmets, other times she wears floral dresses.

I decided we could have a costume contest! I was the only one who didn’t have a costume. I wanted to be a mermaid, but I thought that, for halloween, I would have the best costume of all: Katrina. Yes, Katrina was just herself.

Katrina was the self-appointed judge of the competition. Pretty soon, everyone showed up!

All of us! From Left: Boo, Miyabi, Katrina, Maintenance, Sushi

 I realized that everyone had really fantastic costumes:

Sushi was a skeleton,( and obviously, he was a male during the party, erm, alpha male…)

Boo’s costume was random: she just wore a flower in her head, and wore a toga. I’ll call it the Roman Girl

Maintenance was a cheerleading skeleton

Miyabi was Tina Turner, but with gray hair!

All of the costumes were cute and eye-catching. Sushi’s costume really reflected his/her personality, Miyabi looked like a celebrity, Boo was absolutely adorable, and Maintenance had a spine-chilling, but interesting, costume! It was so difficult to choose. Everyone was creative, and careful in their choices, but I had to pick someone! I decided to change the schedule a little bit. Rather than judging before the games, I decided that judging would be the very last thing at the party. I figured that the games could kill some time while I thought about who was going to be the winner.

After we ate, and talked, and played the games, everyone faced Katrina. I started sweating. I had no idea who to choose, and I didn’t have enough time to think. Suddenly, an idea hatched in my brain.

My friends began asking me questions, like, “Did I win? Was it me? What’s the prize? My costume was so glam, did you like it?” “Umm…” I stuttered. “Tell you what, you’ll find out in your thank you cards!” They shrugged, and walked out the door, quietely arguing among one another.

I need your help! I’m planning to send out the party favors and the thank you cards on November 8th, but I don’t know who to choose!

Please answer the poll at the bottom of this post, and give an honest answer! I’ll give you the results on November  1st. Choose who you thought was the cutest!

Costumes Whose costume rocks? Sushi’s, Miyabi’s, Boo’s, or Maintenance?

Are you ready…?

Tonight is the preimere of a long-awaited post! It’s the result of my fabulous Halloween party! The party is over now, and at exactly 7:30, the post will be unleashed to the public!

To make things a little interesting, I’ve decided to have a little bit of a “contest” The first person to post here that plays pet society on facebook, will get a special treat! First, I’ll add them. That way, their pet can be a star in an upcoming post! It can’t be someone who has already been mentioned on here (that’s not fair). You want your pet to be on Pet Society Addict? Comment as soon as the post is published! If you’re seeing this now, get ready. It’s about 7:00 P.M (Pacific time) now, so keep your mouse on the refresh button. At 7:30, on the dot, refresh! The page will come up, and you can go to the comments section. Leave a little comment. Say anything you want (nothing innappropriate, please) and be sure to leave your name! As soon as you’ve left the comment, be sure to read the post. Also, if you’ve seen someone has already left the first comment, leave a comment anyway! You never know if they’ve forgotten to leave their name, email address, or if they’ve left an appropriate message! Who knows? That person could be eliminated and your pet might end up being a star!

Make your pet a star! But who could it be? We’ll find out soon enough!

The true meaning of Halloween

Recently, I met a pet named Kleb. I just visited his house, and I gasped in awe. His house was amazingly terryfying!


Pretty cool, huh? But I wouldn’t try to recreate this! It must’ve taken him hours, maybe days, to put all of this together! Also, this guy is at level 40 and up! He can’t add any more rooms to his house, his pet society days are over. He still finds time to decorate his house and go shopping, but I find it impossible to imagine to not upgrade levels. I feel….bad for him.

Be happy with how long you have until your time is up!

Pictures aren’t what they used to be!

Hey folks!

This Monday, I’m sure you all had to withstand seeing the horrible pictures on my guide to throwing parties. I can promise you that you will never see them again. I’m not that experienced with the computer, so I thought that the other bloggers were using digital cameras. I was wrong. Turns out that they were taking photos of the screen with the keyboard. whoops.

Well, I’m glad my friend taught me that. Now, I can assure you that my pictures will NOT be cruddy!!


Better quality picture!


Pretty sweet, huh? The quality doesn’t suck at all! I’ve been practicing some new tricks and techniques on photoshop, so I have a special surprise planned for tomorrow when my new post comes out. I’ve put more than two pets in a room. YES! You heard it. It’s a difficult job that took a long time to learn (about 1 1/2 hours) but it was all worth it.

Besides the quality of the pictures, I’ve also been wondering about the header. Is it…Dare I say…lame? Or is it the highlight of the blog? I’m not sure. It all depends on you guys. Answer the poll at the bottom, if you can. Thanks, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s long-awaited (Does 5 days count as long-awaited?) post, to see the results of my Halloween party!


Life with Kavya


I have recently created a new blog called “Life with Kavya”

Life with Kavya logo

I love writing, so much, that I’ve decided to open up a  blog to share my stories, diary entries, movie reviews, screenplays, and other stuff. Check it out!

I will continue writing pet society (I’ve been doing it all this time) and I will keep updating about important news.

I hope you enjoy my new blog!

Is my time worth blogging?

Hello Pet Society fanatics! Today, I have some non-pet society news to bring to you.

Lately, my teachers have been piling on homework! Projects, homework, quizzes and tests to study for! Yet, I am still able to blog. But I’ve been wondering, is my time really worth it? I check my stats every now and then and usually, the page views are about 160 to 180. That’s a plethora of views, but is it just a few people viewing my website 50 times a day? Or is it hundreds of people visiting it once or twice a day? In order to find out, I’ve created polls. Please take a few minutes to answer them. I’ll be closing polls after halloween.

Bald is beautiful

Have you ever noticed how some pets look great without hats, or bows, or anything covering their head? I like to call them lucky pets.

This pet needs hair nor  a hat to look good.

But for Katrina… She doesn’t look good without a bow covering her head.

Which one do you prefer? Some pets look a little odd when they don’t have anything on their head. Others, on the other hand, look adorable without a “topping”.

What do you think? Is bald beautiful? or is bald bad?

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