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Guide to…Petlings

The new feature on pet society: petlings…pets for your pet. For a moment, I was reminded of neopets. Because they do have petpets for your pet, and petpetpets for your petpet. Gee whiz! It’s complicated! Hopefully we wont get dragged into that chaos!

But how do you raise a petling? It’s very simple! I will be making a guide about petlings for those who want one, but don’t know how to raise one.

Where can I get a petling?

If you head over to the garden store, you will find a shelf which gives you a choice to have a kitten or a puppy! If you want to raise a kitten, they are 1000 coins, and you must be a level 5 player. But if you prefer a puppy, they are 1,500 coins and you must be a level 10 player.

How do I feed my pet?

I don’t have a picture of this, but when your pet makes a little sad face, and a little speech bubble appears above it (usually asking for some type of food), that’s the right time to feed it…

I went to go buy the food it wanted, but when it came back it wanted something else!

If you want to feed your pet what it wanted in the first place, you must be prepared! Go to the food store, and you will find a shelf that shows exactly what your pets will eat. If you have a kitten, buy all of the things the kitten would want to eat, and the same thing for puppies. This way, you will be prepared with the right type of food when your petling asks for some. I would suggest buying two or three of each kind, just in case.

Petling's favorite foods

How can I name my pet?

When you receive your pet, and take it out into your house, you will get a chance to name it. Your pet will be happy and hop around, and it’ll be so cute, you’ll just want to eat it!!!!

Can I have two pets?

Hey, calm down. Taking care of one petling is already too much trouble! Imagine two? Besides, pet society won’t let you…However, once your pet has reached adult size, you may have another pet. It will take a while, but just relax. Try doing some breathing exercises. It’ll help.

My kitten’s name is princess. She’s a cute little pet, who loves to hop whenever she’s happy. She’s more of an outdoor cat, so she’s in my garden.

Having a cat around is not all peaches and cream, though. I already have a cat by the name of Katrina. Katrina loves her little petling, but despises Tweety, (who is still happy and alive, by the way) and now, Tweety has a new enemy he should watch out for: Princess.

With two cats around, I’ve been having even worse nightmares compared to before Princess came to her new home.

I can't even sleep at night without anticipating the day this event occurs...

Poor Tweety…


Definetly not an egg anymore!

My blue bird has really grown up over the past few days, in fact, I found it standing on it’s nest, humming a little tune!

But this is beginning to make me wonder… This bird might be joyful now and for the next few days, but can it die? The thought makes me shiver, but pretty soon, it’ll start flying around the garden, and it might be wandering around. But what if it gets old? After all, it can’t possibly live forever. I’m beginning to worry about this. This little bird is so cute, and I don’t want to replace it with some other bird.

I hope this bird lives a long life!!!

Eggstrordinary news!

My sleepy little baby bird has fully grown into a cute adult chick!

Sorry about not editing it, but I was so excited to tell you the news, I wanted to post right away! I have an adult bird now. But I wonder, can it get any bigger than this? We’ll find out.

Eggtravagent news!

Sorry, about the new lame pun, but my egg has finally hatched into a little baby bird!

baby bird!

Awww! What a cute little guy. Even though he cost me a fortune and a fishing hat, he’s still really cute. He’s a part of our family, and I’m going to keep the little guy in my backyard. I also named him Tweety!

However, for every cute little pet, there’s a pet who is jealous of it, and in this case, it’s Katrina. She may be smiling on the outside, but in the inside, she has developed a hatred for this baby bird. Katrina is a cat. And cats eat birds. I had better keep a close eye on her. And no going out to the garden, while I’m gone, otherwise this might happen:

If things go awry, it might end up here!

If things go awry, it might end up here!

As I cooed over Tweety, Katrina turned green with envy. She tried to grab the attention by lying down in the bed, trying to look as cute at possible.

Having Tweety around is actually quite uncomfortable. I have recurring nightmares of this:

All I hope is…that bird had better be there tomorrow morning…

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