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Moose: The Quest for the Freaking Picklefish [Day 1]

This post was written by co-blogger, sofergofer


The Name's MOOSE.

I’m Moose.  So… right now I’m all paranoid and stuff. Cuz I can’t find this fish. The picklefish I believe it’s called… so it all started one…. Sunday…yeh. It was Sunday.

Oh hey there Gligory!

And I was visiting mah buddy, Gligory. So we were in his den obsessing over cranberry juice or something like that… I guess the topic was totally lame at one point (’cause I’m too cool for cranberry juice) so I spaced out and went to look at his fish.

....picklefish..... O_______O

And then… I SAW THIS!

I had and I still have no idea what it’s called. And psh, like I care if it’s rare or not. But it’s shaped like a pickle….a frikin pickle….I WANT.

I wonder if it smells like a pickle. I wonder if it tastes like a pickle. Oh, nom nom nom, pickletastic.

I left Gligory a note cuz he went out right after I stalked his aquarium. “HAY THAR GLIGORY. Mkay so I was stalking your aquarium. And I saw this fish and I think it’s called a picklefish… and I want it. O__O So. How did you catch it??”

And then quite some time later, when I was at home, I recieved a note back from him: “Uhm… I don’t know either. And I think I used veggies. Try…..the right side….of the store you buy veggies from.”

Which I did. I bought some veggies. And other food items.

Then my fishing day began…

I began with a watermelon. Very hopeful for my picklefish.

That looks so dangerous.

And I sang my song.

La la la. Flinging watermelons in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging watermelons in the air. Flinging freaking watermelons in the air.

No. No picklefish.

This time it was a cucumber.

La la la. Flinging cucumbers in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging cucumbers in the air. Flinging freaking cucumbers in the air.

No. No picklefish. That frikin picklefish.

I tried brocolli next.

La la la. Flinging broccolli in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging broccolli in the air. Flinging freaking broccolli in the air.


Well. I was getting tired and tried veggie after veggie… and still. NO PICKLEFISH.

So I went home, tired of the ordeal I had been through.

I shall continue my quest for that picklefish tomorrow. Stupid picklefish.


Love, Moose and sofergofer ^(>w<)>~~~


Is my time worth blogging? Results

Here are the poll results:

How often

how long


how more

So, according to you guys, you visit the blog whenever you can, you read the new posts, and you also want me to post more often.

The results are very positive. Though, some of you have given some negative results, others have cheered me up with positive ones. Thanks for voting, everyone. This really helped me out!

Life with Kavya


I have recently created a new blog called “Life with Kavya”

Life with Kavya logo

I love writing, so much, that I’ve decided to open up a  blog to share my stories, diary entries, movie reviews, screenplays, and other stuff. Check it out!

I will continue writing pet society (I’ve been doing it all this time) and I will keep updating about important news.

I hope you enjoy my new blog!

Is my time worth blogging?

Hello Pet Society fanatics! Today, I have some non-pet society news to bring to you.

Lately, my teachers have been piling on homework! Projects, homework, quizzes and tests to study for! Yet, I am still able to blog. But I’ve been wondering, is my time really worth it? I check my stats every now and then and usually, the page views are about 160 to 180. That’s a plethora of views, but is it just a few people viewing my website 50 times a day? Or is it hundreds of people visiting it once or twice a day? In order to find out, I’ve created polls. Please take a few minutes to answer them. I’ll be closing polls after halloween.

it’s coming….

Idiot's guide to gardening (Pet society)

coming soon...

 I’m sorry, I hope it’s not hard to see! I did this on paint…and it didn’t come out very well. But, you get the idea.

If you can’t read it, it says:

Coming soon to the pet society addict blog:

The idiot’s guide to pet society gardens!

With your hosts, Katrina and Kavya!

Summer 2009.



Even I can’t wait for this!!!!

Great news!!!

Good news!!!!

Good news: Summer is almost here! Finally! Freed from the wrath and tyranny of school! I absolutely cannot wait! That also means I will be able to update more often! Right now, there isn’t much too talk about on pet society. Hopefully there will be something interesting happening soon…

More good news :  Soyon said she was going to start a new blog. I was happy for her, but it also said that she wouldn’t update pet society as much. 😦  Now, she won’t END the blog, but her posts won’t be as frequent! But I really think it’s cool she’s starting a new one! If you would like to see her new blog, here is a link to it:

It’s quite interesting from what I’ve read, so I would highly reccommend it if you need a laugh! Well, that’s about it for now.

Can’t wait till summer, and I wish lots of luck to Soyon with her new blog!!!!!!

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