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The garden!!!

Congratulate me, please! Today I have just grown my first orange. I was very happy to see an orange in the tree. Without thinking I tore it down, and it fell on the ground:

Before Katrina could swallow it, I grabbed and checked how much I could get for it: 65 coins!!!!!

So now, I can sell  fruits and veggies for good prices!!! I will never take my tree down! I love the gardens!!!

Here’s how my garden looks right now:

I’m in the process of growing some more plants right now. Also, I finally found out what to do with my ex-garden…I turned it into a green house!

Well, it’s more of a blue and pink house, but I don’t really care. Yes, I realize that it is half-empty, but once I grow some more plants, it’ll be filled with flowers!!! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them later, but I’ll most likely give them away and restart the process. So my pet has a job now. Yippee!


Big news!!!

Alright, I logged into pet society, and I found two extra rooms in my house! But it was so peculiar to find them, because they were on the bottom floor of my house (I already have three on the bottom) and I went to check them out. Incredible! I can plant anything there! They even have the dirt pushed out, so I can plant whatever I want! That means I can get rid of my old garden, and create something else! Here’s a picture of it:


And adding to that, there is a new garden store, so you can plant seeds and stuff!!! Some trees even have fruits, so now I have them whenever I need them!!!!!!!

This is really surprising! Once I decorate my gardens and my ex-garden, I will be posting, so check for updates soon!

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