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Halloween Costume Results

I was in big trouble. Choosing between my friends was not an easy job. They all had fantastic costumes, and I had so much trouble choosing who would be the winner. I even opened a poll to see what the fans thought.

costume pie chart

Maintenance, Miyabi, Sushi, and Boo, in order of the number of votes

You guys voted for Maintenance, but I felt that this wasn’t a full vote, on account that only 17 people voted!

I decided to call in some help. Recently, I had a contest to see who would be the judge of the costume contest. That person had a pet named Patrick or Treat:



Patrick or treat

As you can see, this guy practically invented Halloween. I knew that he could be of great help to the problem, so I decided to let him take a look at my little issue.

He agreed that all of the pets were looking glamorous, but there could only be one winner.

He carefully looked at the pictures and the poll results. After a long moment of silence, he began to speak.

“Let’s make a ranking system. That way, we can eliminate pets by seeing who had the lowest points.”

I liked the idea, so we thought of point values. Here’s what we came up with:

Originality- out of 50 points

Representation of costume- out of 20 points

What the judge thinks- out of 10 points

We also decided that the number of votes the pet got in the poll would be added to their judged scores.

After creating the ranking system, we started looking at the pets.

We looked at Boo, first. Here’s what Patrick said:

“Looking at Boo, I can tell that she’s a cheery pet with a creative mind. Moving on to ranking… Her costume was very original–you’d never see someone with a toga and a flower pin trick or treating on halloween. At the same time, Roman costumes are quite popular, so we’ll give her 45 points for orignality. For representation of the costume, I can’t say that I really liked the way that Boo was representing her costume. Though the idea is very original, it contradicts. The flower pin gives out a sassy look, but the toga is giving a very elegant and ancient one. The contradiction is too much. She gets 5 points for representation. My opinion–I thought that Boo made a good effort and she put together a good costume. However, I thought the costume was rather cheap. Besides the pet itself, the only other things I saw were the toga and the flower pin. Nothing else. Nada! She gets 7 points. She also got 1 vote, so that counts as 1 point.”

Boo’s total- 58 points

We looked at Miyabi, next.

“Miyabi did a stunning job as Tina Turner! I thought the costume was quite original. I haven’t seen too many people dressed as Tina Turner. I gave her 40 points for originality. Her representation was also good: The dark skin, the flashy dress, and the stylish walk. However, I did see some flaws, one of them being the fact that Miyabi does not have a nose. That did not bother me, however, I do not expect a pet to change a facial feature to represent a costume. That’s too much. What did bother me was the hair. Tina Turner has Brown hair, not gray. Going bald would have been acceptable, but Miyabi lost points for the gray wig. She got 10 points for representation. In my opinion…I thought that the Miyabi did a fantastic job portraying Tina Turner. She pulled it all together, and made a good effort on the costume. I give her a full 10 points for the splendid job she did. She also has 6 points from the poll

Miyabi’s total- 66 Points.

We both looked at Sushi.

I know Sushi as a very close friend. He’s actually quite famous and stars in his owner’s blog: Pet Society Anonymous I had high hopes for him!

In Patrick’s words, “Sushi did a nice job as protraying an alpha male skelelton. The originality was half and half. The skeleton was quite common, but the alpha male part makes it unique. I loved the idea, so I gave more than half to him. Sushi earned 40 points for originality. The representation of the alpha-male skeleton was good. The shirt gives off both parts of the costume away. I did not see any flaws, so he earned a full 20 points for rep. In my opinion, Sushi gave a good effort and did a good job of portraying the creative…thing. He earned 9 points for that. He had 2 votes in the poll.”

Sushi’s total- 71 points

The final contestant: Maintenance.

After examination, Patrick said, ” Maintenance was very original and realistic. The skeleton idea was common, but the cheerleader idea made the costume unique. She earned 45 points for originality. There was nothing to represent. Sometimes, a costume can be too unique and not make sense. The costume was a creative idea, but there was hardly anything to represent. She represented a skeleton. She represented a cheerleader. But, when it was represented together, it gave out a confusing and strange idea, which took me a while to understand. She did a fantastic job representing them individually, but not together. She earned 10 points for that. In my opinion, Maintenance did a very good job in being the cheerleading skeleton. Her costume was very realistic. She had the skull, the body, and even the bony legs. She earned 7 for the opinion and she recieved 8 votes.

Maintenance’s total- 70

After our calculations, we got the results.

In third place, with a total of 66 points came….MIYABI for her Tina Turner costume! She won second place in the poll!

In second place, with a total of 70 points came….MAINTENANCE for her cheerleading skeleton! She won first place in the poll!


And, now, the winner of the costume contest. He came in third place in the poll, but first place overall. For the alpha-male skeleton… SUSHI!!!

Sushi wins!

It was a tough decision! But, we've decided to crown Sushi as the winner!

Congrats Sushi! Everyone else did a terrific job! Thank you, Pet Society fans, for voting on who was your favorite! Thank you, Patrick for helping us decide who the winner would be!

congrats letter

Sushi's owner will be very happy to hear the good news!


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