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Guide to: Cooking

Hello, pet society freaks!

This guide is about cooking. Is there something wrong with your soup? Are you clueless on how to cook something. Don’t worry. This guide will turn you from a person who thinks a ladle is a pin-roller, to an iron chef.

First…meet your oven:

The Oven

Your oven is in your chest. Everyone has one. It’s just like the ball, the jumprope, the frisbee, the soap, and the fishing pole. You get it, whether you like it or not. If you do not have one, and you’ve checked everywhere, then you might have to reload the game, or contact playfish.

Let’s start with the easiest dish of all: Vegetable soup.

To start cooking, go to your cookbook and click on the cook button underneath where it says Vegetable soup.

If you read the details, you’ll find that this costs 17 coins to make, it’ll take about 10 minutes to cook, and you get 18 coins for selling the finished product.

After you start cooking, the dish should be in your oven,cooking. If you roll your mouse over it, you can see how much longer it will take to fully cook the soup.

Other dishes usually take longer to make, such as a few hours, or a day. Since the veggie soup only takes ten minutes, you can just hang out on pet society and enjoy the rest of the town, while you can.

All of the fun stuff you can do while waiting for your food to cook

After those ten minutes are up, you’re going to have about another 10 minutes to click on the oven and take out the food.  Don’t wait too long, though, otherwise your dish will burn and the only thing you can do with it is give it to a friend (and you don’t want to do that, do you?) or recycle it for ten points.

But if your vegetable soup comes out correctly, you can eat it, sell it, gift it, or recycle it!

I personally think that the cooking feature is great. It saves money most of the time, often buying cheap ingredients, and if you make it on time, then the results are great!

Also, this is great for parties! If you’re ever in a jam where you are throwing a party, but you want to have great food, then all you need to do is spend a few minutes (or hours or days, depending on the dish) to create the perfect dish. It’s also great for just a dinner with that special someone or just a friend. Who knows, maybe playfish will even allow players to open their own restaurants.

If you flip through your cookbook, you can find more complex dishes, but you need to unlock them. If you want to unlock dishes, then just keep cooking!


The true meaning of Halloween

Recently, I met a pet named Kleb. I just visited his house, and I gasped in awe. His house was amazingly terryfying!


Pretty cool, huh? But I wouldn’t try to recreate this! It must’ve taken him hours, maybe days, to put all of this together! Also, this guy is at level 40 and up! He can’t add any more rooms to his house, his pet society days are over. He still finds time to decorate his house and go shopping, but I find it impossible to imagine to not upgrade levels. I feel….bad for him.

Be happy with how long you have until your time is up!

Bald is beautiful

Have you ever noticed how some pets look great without hats, or bows, or anything covering their head? I like to call them lucky pets.

This pet needs hair nor  a hat to look good.

But for Katrina… She doesn’t look good without a bow covering her head.

Which one do you prefer? Some pets look a little odd when they don’t have anything on their head. Others, on the other hand, look adorable without a “topping”.

What do you think? Is bald beautiful? or is bald bad?

The Pink Tree

This morning, I found a bit of a surprise in my garden. A pink tree. Is this the strawberry shortcake tree, or the cherry tree. Not sure, yet. But we believe that it’s the strawberry shortcake tree. Update Sep.30- This is actually a cherry tree. Strawberry shortcake trees have green leaves.

A lovely rosey color that makes us realize there is beauty in pet society

A lovely rosey color that makes us realize there is beauty in pet society

When I saw this, I began to wonder…what else has pet society got in mind for us? There are many things that they’ve done. Here’s a little flashback:


Remember when we used to have a few shops? There was only some dinky furniture, and some plain wallpaper. But now, as you can see, we have about ten stores now!

Good ol’ fashioned fun

Remember when the only things you could do were play jumprope, pass the ball and frisbee, and race? Well, now we can fish, decorate our gardens, and buy special upgrades at the cash shop to make life much easier!

Is it enough?

The answer is no. We have plenty of things, and pet society has only been around for about a year. Imagine what we could do in another year.

  • A thrift store (Why sell it to no one, when you can make another player happy by selling it to them?)
  • Users can open their own stores (Sell the crap you don’t need!)
  • Make pet society a multiplayer game (It’s no fun when you’re lonely!)
  • a post office (I got this idea from someone who commented on this blog. We can buy and give fun presents to friends)
  • A swimming pool (Come on, even pets need to get to the cool of the pool sometimes!)
  • Let users have multiple pets (There’s no fun in taking care of just ONE pet. Well, there is, but it would be more fun to take care of multiple pets)
  • Let pets open their own restaurants (Crazy? I know. But now that pets can fish and grow their own food, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let them open a restaurant! Then again, it would be a total rip-off of restaurant city…)
  • Casino (I’m way too young to make bets, so why not make virtual bets? Doesn’t cost a penny of your real money, but your pet might get addicted…)

Do you have any ideas? Playfish wants more ideas, so why don’t we give it to them?

Faerie eggs.

My house has been changing. Mostly because of the faerie eggs in the mystery shop. Note these come from the green Faerie machine, not the pink one marked Fairy Tale.

Some of these Faerie eggs give you some amazing furniture. For example, you can get a door and a wonderful doormat to go along with it:

I’ve also gotten a cute window. I put it in my greenhouse, to add to the greenery:

Finally, the best prize I received from these fantastic eggs…a bed!

It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? With sunflower pillows and everything! I checked how much I could get for it…799 coins! This was a great bargain as I’d paid only 350 coins for the egg.

Here’s the problem, though: I already have a bed. I don’t need an extra one, but I don’t have the heart to sell this one away. I also don’t have the heart to give it away! I don’t know what I’ll do in the future, but, for now, I’ll just keep it under the shade in my garden:

If you want to get some good furniture, try buying an egg at the mystery shop. They’re only 350 coins, a great deal for this stuff!

Partying in Pet Society

Parties are great. It’s fun to hang out with your friends, and eat the delicious food they serve. A couple of weeks ago, Katrina was invited to three different parties:

 Spice threw a party, and she invited Katrina. That was a lot of fun…they partied till midnight. The next day, Katrina fell asleep on the couch.

Angel was happy to see Katrina at her house, and they had a pizza party.

Moose had a birthday party, and invited Katrina to help her celebrate.

And don’t forget about the best part of going to a party: receiving party favors. Katrina received a lot of stuff that day:

But, I was starting to get jealous. If they could throw a party, then so could I. That’s when we went shopping.

We bought a bunch of things: A cake, a pizza, some cupcakes, and even coconut juice! I was planning an outdoor party, and I invited Angel to join me.

That day, I got ready:

Everything was set up, so I had to wait for Angel to arrive. At last Angel arrived, and she joined us out in the yard. The minute she arrived, Katrina knew that the party was getting started, but before she even said “hi” to Angel, she pigged out on the pizza:


Just when Katrina was ruining the party, she pooed right in front of Angel, and she hopped up to the table to eat the cake.

That really killed the mood. Luckily, the cake was out of Katrina’s reach, so she couldn’t eat it…yet. After she did all of that, she remained well-behaved for the rest of the party. Finally! Things were getting better. Just when we were about to set up the outdoor games, Angel asked for soap.

I cleaned her up, so we could get started.

We started out with soccer.

Katrina lost, but I suppose it’s because of genetics. Angel’s owner, Kira is a much better soccer player than me, so I didn’t really have high expectations for Katrina…

After that, we decided to wrap it up. I swear, I saw a tear in Katrina’s eye while Angel was leaving.

But the cake was still left, so we decided to get rid of it.

I pulled it down for a second, and then my mom called me to tell me something. Just as I was walking back, I saw Katrina gobbling the cake.

I thought it was over, but it didn’t end. She ate everything.

It was basically a banquet:

Oh, well. At least someone’s happy. But the next time I throw a party for Katrina, NO FOOD ALLOWED!


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