Moose: The Quest for the Freaking Picklefish [Day 1]

This post was written by co-blogger, sofergofer


The Name's MOOSE.

I’m Moose.  So… right now I’m all paranoid and stuff. Cuz I can’t find this fish. The picklefish I believe it’s called… so it all started one…. Sunday…yeh. It was Sunday.

Oh hey there Gligory!

And I was visiting mah buddy, Gligory. So we were in his den obsessing over cranberry juice or something like that… I guess the topic was totally lame at one point (’cause I’m too cool for cranberry juice) so I spaced out and went to look at his fish.

....picklefish..... O_______O

And then… I SAW THIS!

I had and I still have no idea what it’s called. And psh, like I care if it’s rare or not. But it’s shaped like a pickle….a frikin pickle….I WANT.

I wonder if it smells like a pickle. I wonder if it tastes like a pickle. Oh, nom nom nom, pickletastic.

I left Gligory a note cuz he went out right after I stalked his aquarium. “HAY THAR GLIGORY. Mkay so I was stalking your aquarium. And I saw this fish and I think it’s called a picklefish… and I want it. O__O So. How did you catch it??”

And then quite some time later, when I was at home, I recieved a note back from him: “Uhm… I don’t know either. And I think I used veggies. Try…..the right side….of the store you buy veggies from.”

Which I did. I bought some veggies. And other food items.

Then my fishing day began…

I began with a watermelon. Very hopeful for my picklefish.

That looks so dangerous.

And I sang my song.

La la la. Flinging watermelons in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging watermelons in the air. Flinging freaking watermelons in the air.

No. No picklefish.

This time it was a cucumber.

La la la. Flinging cucumbers in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging cucumbers in the air. Flinging freaking cucumbers in the air.

No. No picklefish. That frikin picklefish.

I tried brocolli next.

La la la. Flinging broccolli in the air. In hopes of getting a picklefish. La la la. La la la. Flinging broccolli in the air. Flinging freaking broccolli in the air.


Well. I was getting tired and tried veggie after veggie… and still. NO PICKLEFISH.

So I went home, tired of the ordeal I had been through.

I shall continue my quest for that picklefish tomorrow. Stupid picklefish.


Love, Moose and sofergofer ^(>w<)>~~~


Guide to…Petlings

The new feature on pet society: petlings…pets for your pet. For a moment, I was reminded of neopets. Because they do have petpets for your pet, and petpetpets for your petpet. Gee whiz! It’s complicated! Hopefully we wont get dragged into that chaos!

But how do you raise a petling? It’s very simple! I will be making a guide about petlings for those who want one, but don’t know how to raise one.

Where can I get a petling?

If you head over to the garden store, you will find a shelf which gives you a choice to have a kitten or a puppy! If you want to raise a kitten, they are 1000 coins, and you must be a level 5 player. But if you prefer a puppy, they are 1,500 coins and you must be a level 10 player.

How do I feed my pet?

I don’t have a picture of this, but when your pet makes a little sad face, and a little speech bubble appears above it (usually asking for some type of food), that’s the right time to feed it…

I went to go buy the food it wanted, but when it came back it wanted something else!

If you want to feed your pet what it wanted in the first place, you must be prepared! Go to the food store, and you will find a shelf that shows exactly what your pets will eat. If you have a kitten, buy all of the things the kitten would want to eat, and the same thing for puppies. This way, you will be prepared with the right type of food when your petling asks for some. I would suggest buying two or three of each kind, just in case.

Petling's favorite foods

How can I name my pet?

When you receive your pet, and take it out into your house, you will get a chance to name it. Your pet will be happy and hop around, and it’ll be so cute, you’ll just want to eat it!!!!

Can I have two pets?

Hey, calm down. Taking care of one petling is already too much trouble! Imagine two? Besides, pet society won’t let you…However, once your pet has reached adult size, you may have another pet. It will take a while, but just relax. Try doing some breathing exercises. It’ll help.

My kitten’s name is princess. She’s a cute little pet, who loves to hop whenever she’s happy. She’s more of an outdoor cat, so she’s in my garden.

Having a cat around is not all peaches and cream, though. I already have a cat by the name of Katrina. Katrina loves her little petling, but despises Tweety, (who is still happy and alive, by the way) and now, Tweety has a new enemy he should watch out for: Princess.

With two cats around, I’ve been having even worse nightmares compared to before Princess came to her new home.

I can't even sleep at night without anticipating the day this event occurs...

Poor Tweety…

Guide to: Cooking

Hello, pet society freaks!

This guide is about cooking. Is there something wrong with your soup? Are you clueless on how to cook something. Don’t worry. This guide will turn you from a person who thinks a ladle is a pin-roller, to an iron chef.

First…meet your oven:

The Oven

Your oven is in your chest. Everyone has one. It’s just like the ball, the jumprope, the frisbee, the soap, and the fishing pole. You get it, whether you like it or not. If you do not have one, and you’ve checked everywhere, then you might have to reload the game, or contact playfish.

Let’s start with the easiest dish of all: Vegetable soup.

To start cooking, go to your cookbook and click on the cook button underneath where it says Vegetable soup.

If you read the details, you’ll find that this costs 17 coins to make, it’ll take about 10 minutes to cook, and you get 18 coins for selling the finished product.

After you start cooking, the dish should be in your oven,cooking. If you roll your mouse over it, you can see how much longer it will take to fully cook the soup.

Other dishes usually take longer to make, such as a few hours, or a day. Since the veggie soup only takes ten minutes, you can just hang out on pet society and enjoy the rest of the town, while you can.

All of the fun stuff you can do while waiting for your food to cook

After those ten minutes are up, you’re going to have about another 10 minutes to click on the oven and take out the food.  Don’t wait too long, though, otherwise your dish will burn and the only thing you can do with it is give it to a friend (and you don’t want to do that, do you?) or recycle it for ten points.

But if your vegetable soup comes out correctly, you can eat it, sell it, gift it, or recycle it!

I personally think that the cooking feature is great. It saves money most of the time, often buying cheap ingredients, and if you make it on time, then the results are great!

Also, this is great for parties! If you’re ever in a jam where you are throwing a party, but you want to have great food, then all you need to do is spend a few minutes (or hours or days, depending on the dish) to create the perfect dish. It’s also great for just a dinner with that special someone or just a friend. Who knows, maybe playfish will even allow players to open their own restaurants.

If you flip through your cookbook, you can find more complex dishes, but you need to unlock them. If you want to unlock dishes, then just keep cooking!

Dinner for two…or three?

Hi guys! Today, I want to share an ordeal that I had last week. This is also a guide…

One day, I was checking my mail on pet society, and I found one from Thindir. You know how he has that classy, Italian house? Well, lately I had been wondering…Thindir was a really cute pet. Katrina always seemed to hug him for a longer time than anyone else. I felt as if they had belonged together. It seems that Thindir felt the same way, because here is what his letter said:

I was just so flattered! I accepted. On Thursday, however, he told me that he was having some problems with his nannybot, so dinner had to be canceled. I told him that we could have dinner at my place. I didn’t want it to end. I just needed this one chance to show Thindir that I was his destiny!

Throughout the story, I will be making a guide about how to have a perfect date…er…dinner at your place.

First of all, when you want to greet your guests, you want to be wearing the right clothing! But this is a big problem, most of the time! You can never choose the right clothes!

I had some choices that night: Dressy or elegant?

what to wear?

Both were appropriate for dinner… But, rememeber, wear what you are comfortable with!

After the clothing issue, I had to decide what food to have for dinner. This is super important! After all, it is dinner, and the biggest part of it is the food!

You need to know what kind of food is appropriate for the occasion. At a wedding, you don’t eat hamburgers, and at a funeral, you don’t eat a caramal apple. Think logically!

What kind of food do you eat on a date?

What about cake? A cake won’t hurt. Have some sweet treats like ice cream and chocolate. Coconut juice is a good idea, too! I bought all of the delicious stuff I could find!

Setting up the table is another thing that’s important! You must make it look good! If you walked into a restauraunt, where there was random stuff all over the table, and the tablecloth is dirty and ripped, would you want to eat there? No, because that is just weird and disgusting! Make things look spectacular. I had extra room on the bottom floor, so I brought the stuff down there.

Everything was set! Then…the doorbell rang. It was Thindir!

To be honest, I had no idea that Thindir was such a good dresser! In fact, I got the feeling that he was overdressing…just to impress me.

Thindir played it cool, just nodding to Katrina. She walked him into the dining room, where the table was set to perfection.

Thindir (cute as he was) took his seat and smiled all cool-like. I could have fainted at the sight of that.

Suddenly, our “romance” was inturrupted by the stupid doorbell. I went to go answer it, and I got the surprise of my life. It was Edward! My old “flame”!

I’ve dated Edward a couple of times…then, he broke up with me. He said that I wasn’t good enough for him. Now what did he want?

I talked to him, and it turns out that his multi-millionaire girlfriend, who is a model for pet society extra, dumped him after finding out that he wasn’t rich. He told me that he was upset and he needed company. Oh my god. HE WANTED ME BACK.

This is kind of a “duh”, but you never want your ex-boyfriend to meet the guy you’re dating, because things can get pretty ugly…

I told Edward that he would have to go somewhere else, because I was busy. Busy was the wrong word, because he started asking me what I was so busy with. I just told him that he needed to mind his own business and leave. That just made him more curious. He started walking towards the dining table, where Thindir was waiting. By the time he got there, it was too late. He had seen too much!

He gave that “oh” look on his face, and asked me for a couch. I moved the couch into the room Thindir and I were in. Thindir and I were laughing at each other’s jokes. As nice as it was, it wasn’t really comfortable having Edward watching us laugh like lovers.

After Dinner was over, I walked with Thindir to the front door. I couldn’t hold it in much longer. I knew that for him to confess his true love, I needed to do it first. Before I could say anything, he looked at his watch, and gasped.

“I’m going to be late!”, he exclaimed!

“Late? Late for what?”, I asked.

“My girlfriend and I were supposed to go to the movies tonight. I should have been there an hour ago!”

I was appalled. The only word I heard from the entire sentence was “girlfriend”.

“You have a girlfriend? Then why did we have this date?”

“Date? You thought this was a date? Please! I would never date you.”

That hurt…

“The only reason why I wanted to have dinner with you was because I can’t cook, and I wanted some good food! I thought of inviting you over and I wanted to tell you to bring your ingredients. I hesistated to ask, because I thought it was rude! I said stay cute so you would accept dinner! I only dressed up like this so my girlfriend would be impressed. You should meet her, by the way. She’s a rich model! She broke up with her last boyfriend, because he wasn’t rich or something. Luckily, I am. I’m going to be late. See ya! Thanks for dinner!”

He went out the door. Every word he said had put a hole through my heart. By the time he was finished, my heart was laden with holes.

I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was the one. I thought…I was in love. I felt like an idiot. Edward came by to console me.

“Hey I came by, because…I wanted to be with you again..”

“Yeah, I know. What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing wrong..” He smiled.

I was glad that Edward was back. But, I still wanted Thindir. Though he wasn’t interested in me, I still wanted to be his girlfriend…his love…his–fiance. I craved that life!

So, I need your help! Advice, actually. Should I choose Edward, who is…poor, not so good-looking, but very sweet? Or should I attempt to woo Thindir once more, who is rich, handsome, but a little bit jerkish? Vote at the bottom of this post!

Note: All of this is fictional! I only made this post for fun! Thindir and his owner are really, really sweet. Please do not take his words seriously. None of this has ever happened, you know I just like making posts about random stories. It’s just pretend. If this kind of heat really happened in pet society, you better believe that every person in the world will play that game.

Is my time worth blogging? Results

Here are the poll results:

How often

how long


how more

So, according to you guys, you visit the blog whenever you can, you read the new posts, and you also want me to post more often.

The results are very positive. Though, some of you have given some negative results, others have cheered me up with positive ones. Thanks for voting, everyone. This really helped me out!

Halloween Costume Results

I was in big trouble. Choosing between my friends was not an easy job. They all had fantastic costumes, and I had so much trouble choosing who would be the winner. I even opened a poll to see what the fans thought.

costume pie chart

Maintenance, Miyabi, Sushi, and Boo, in order of the number of votes

You guys voted for Maintenance, but I felt that this wasn’t a full vote, on account that only 17 people voted!

I decided to call in some help. Recently, I had a contest to see who would be the judge of the costume contest. That person had a pet named Patrick or Treat:



Patrick or treat

As you can see, this guy practically invented Halloween. I knew that he could be of great help to the problem, so I decided to let him take a look at my little issue.

He agreed that all of the pets were looking glamorous, but there could only be one winner.

He carefully looked at the pictures and the poll results. After a long moment of silence, he began to speak.

“Let’s make a ranking system. That way, we can eliminate pets by seeing who had the lowest points.”

I liked the idea, so we thought of point values. Here’s what we came up with:

Originality- out of 50 points

Representation of costume- out of 20 points

What the judge thinks- out of 10 points

We also decided that the number of votes the pet got in the poll would be added to their judged scores.

After creating the ranking system, we started looking at the pets.

We looked at Boo, first. Here’s what Patrick said:

“Looking at Boo, I can tell that she’s a cheery pet with a creative mind. Moving on to ranking… Her costume was very original–you’d never see someone with a toga and a flower pin trick or treating on halloween. At the same time, Roman costumes are quite popular, so we’ll give her 45 points for orignality. For representation of the costume, I can’t say that I really liked the way that Boo was representing her costume. Though the idea is very original, it contradicts. The flower pin gives out a sassy look, but the toga is giving a very elegant and ancient one. The contradiction is too much. She gets 5 points for representation. My opinion–I thought that Boo made a good effort and she put together a good costume. However, I thought the costume was rather cheap. Besides the pet itself, the only other things I saw were the toga and the flower pin. Nothing else. Nada! She gets 7 points. She also got 1 vote, so that counts as 1 point.”

Boo’s total- 58 points

We looked at Miyabi, next.

“Miyabi did a stunning job as Tina Turner! I thought the costume was quite original. I haven’t seen too many people dressed as Tina Turner. I gave her 40 points for originality. Her representation was also good: The dark skin, the flashy dress, and the stylish walk. However, I did see some flaws, one of them being the fact that Miyabi does not have a nose. That did not bother me, however, I do not expect a pet to change a facial feature to represent a costume. That’s too much. What did bother me was the hair. Tina Turner has Brown hair, not gray. Going bald would have been acceptable, but Miyabi lost points for the gray wig. She got 10 points for representation. In my opinion…I thought that the Miyabi did a fantastic job portraying Tina Turner. She pulled it all together, and made a good effort on the costume. I give her a full 10 points for the splendid job she did. She also has 6 points from the poll

Miyabi’s total- 66 Points.

We both looked at Sushi.

I know Sushi as a very close friend. He’s actually quite famous and stars in his owner’s blog: Pet Society Anonymous I had high hopes for him!

In Patrick’s words, “Sushi did a nice job as protraying an alpha male skelelton. The originality was half and half. The skeleton was quite common, but the alpha male part makes it unique. I loved the idea, so I gave more than half to him. Sushi earned 40 points for originality. The representation of the alpha-male skeleton was good. The shirt gives off both parts of the costume away. I did not see any flaws, so he earned a full 20 points for rep. In my opinion, Sushi gave a good effort and did a good job of portraying the creative…thing. He earned 9 points for that. He had 2 votes in the poll.”

Sushi’s total- 71 points

The final contestant: Maintenance.

After examination, Patrick said, ” Maintenance was very original and realistic. The skeleton idea was common, but the cheerleader idea made the costume unique. She earned 45 points for originality. There was nothing to represent. Sometimes, a costume can be too unique and not make sense. The costume was a creative idea, but there was hardly anything to represent. She represented a skeleton. She represented a cheerleader. But, when it was represented together, it gave out a confusing and strange idea, which took me a while to understand. She did a fantastic job representing them individually, but not together. She earned 10 points for that. In my opinion, Maintenance did a very good job in being the cheerleading skeleton. Her costume was very realistic. She had the skull, the body, and even the bony legs. She earned 7 for the opinion and she recieved 8 votes.

Maintenance’s total- 70

After our calculations, we got the results.

In third place, with a total of 66 points came….MIYABI for her Tina Turner costume! She won second place in the poll!

In second place, with a total of 70 points came….MAINTENANCE for her cheerleading skeleton! She won first place in the poll!


And, now, the winner of the costume contest. He came in third place in the poll, but first place overall. For the alpha-male skeleton… SUSHI!!!

Sushi wins!

It was a tough decision! But, we've decided to crown Sushi as the winner!

Congrats Sushi! Everyone else did a terrific job! Thank you, Pet Society fans, for voting on who was your favorite! Thank you, Patrick for helping us decide who the winner would be!

congrats letter

Sushi's owner will be very happy to hear the good news!

We have a winner!


I was checking out the comments from the party results post. The first two were by people who have been mentioned on the blog.

But the third person was our winner. Give it up for Rachael!

So, what has she won?

I’ve added her. After she accepts the request, her pet will be featured in the costume results!

However, if she does not accept the request before or on November 7th, then the person who commented after her will be the lucky winner! So, it could change at any time! Keep commenting, you never know what will happen!!

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