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Guide to: Cooking

Hello, pet society freaks!

This guide is about cooking. Is there something wrong with your soup? Are you clueless on how to cook something. Don’t worry. This guide will turn you from a person who thinks a ladle is a pin-roller, to an iron chef.

First…meet your oven:

The Oven

Your oven is in your chest. Everyone has one. It’s just like the ball, the jumprope, the frisbee, the soap, and the fishing pole. You get it, whether you like it or not. If you do not have one, and you’ve checked everywhere, then you might have to reload the game, or contact playfish.

Let’s start with the easiest dish of all: Vegetable soup.

To start cooking, go to your cookbook and click on the cook button underneath where it says Vegetable soup.

If you read the details, you’ll find that this costs 17 coins to make, it’ll take about 10 minutes to cook, and you get 18 coins for selling the finished product.

After you start cooking, the dish should be in your oven,cooking. If you roll your mouse over it, you can see how much longer it will take to fully cook the soup.

Other dishes usually take longer to make, such as a few hours, or a day. Since the veggie soup only takes ten minutes, you can just hang out on pet society and enjoy the rest of the town, while you can.

All of the fun stuff you can do while waiting for your food to cook

After those ten minutes are up, you’re going to have about another 10 minutes to click on the oven and take out the food.  Don’t wait too long, though, otherwise your dish will burn and the only thing you can do with it is give it to a friend (and you don’t want to do that, do you?) or recycle it for ten points.

But if your vegetable soup comes out correctly, you can eat it, sell it, gift it, or recycle it!

I personally think that the cooking feature is great. It saves money most of the time, often buying cheap ingredients, and if you make it on time, then the results are great!

Also, this is great for parties! If you’re ever in a jam where you are throwing a party, but you want to have great food, then all you need to do is spend a few minutes (or hours or days, depending on the dish) to create the perfect dish. It’s also great for just a dinner with that special someone or just a friend. Who knows, maybe playfish will even allow players to open their own restaurants.

If you flip through your cookbook, you can find more complex dishes, but you need to unlock them. If you want to unlock dishes, then just keep cooking!


Playfish Cash

I did something today that I’m not very proud of…I got Playfish cash.

Ok, well, I’m not dumb enough to BUY it, but I just did a quick survey and earned 10 Playfish Cash.

The reason why I wanted the dough was because there was a beautiful rock fountain for sale, and I had to have it for my garden.

Want to earn some cash? Here’s how to get to the surveys:

First go to the cash shop, and find the ATM:

Click on the ATM, and browse through the choices until you find a bar that looks like this:

You can earn 10 coins by completing a survey, and 80 if you try or buy a product. I did a survey about auto insurance. Full disclosure: I had to make up most of the answers because I’m only thirteen and don’t even have a driver’s license. Let’s just say it was a creative exercise. I think I’ll do those surveys with my other accounts…Ca-ching! Ca-ching!

Good and bad news!/The mystery shopowner/New contest!

First order of business:

Good news: A new shop is open in pet society!!!! It has cool, awesome things for sale!!!!

Bad news- You need to pay cold, hard cash in order to obtain those items.

You walk into the cash shop to find a cute dog-like storeowner, who greets you with a happy smile, and a cheery greeting! So you walk, and you walk, and you look at the price tags. They have AMAZING prices!!! You can get a treadmill for less than five coins. Wait…did I say coins? I meant to say PLAYFISH CASH, which you have to buy with real money. I was angry, but I was even angrier when I saw that there was a lucky penny. At first, I thought it was just a stupid decoration thing, but if you bought it, then the amount of coins in the trees outside in the neighborhood will actually increase! That just pissed me off! I’m not paying a cent to buy playfish money, so I won’t. Maybe when I get a job, or something. I’m sure pet society will be there forever, and I can’t wait to buy all of the items in that store! But for now, I’ll be window shopping. Note to self: Get a job, A.S.A.P!

Next order of business:

We’ve all been wondering who “?” is, and no one knows yet! I’ve heard a lot of guesses, and even a few answers, but no one knows where to submit their answers, and most of the people who reveal the answers are lying, usually to make other people spend a lot of money. Today when I went to the mystery store, I saw that there was a new clue from the mystery man, here it is:

A new store arrives with magical items to see, yet still no one knows my true identity!

I don’t have a clue what that means. If anyone can decipher what he is saying, then please post it on this blog!!! It’s been about five weeks since the mystery person has been announced, and I am determined to find out who he is. I need everyone’s help, and I would be grateful to everyone who tried! 🙂

One last thing.

It seems that there is a new contest. You have to print out the playfish logo (from the website) and take a picture of yourself holding the logo, and you are supposed to be in a very….interesting place. Here are some examples:


Good luck with that!

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