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The true meaning of Halloween

Recently, I met a pet named Kleb. I just visited his house, and I gasped in awe. His house was amazingly terryfying!


Pretty cool, huh? But I wouldn’t try to recreate this! It must’ve taken him hours, maybe days, to put all of this together! Also, this guy is at level 40 and up! He can’t add any more rooms to his house, his pet society days are over. He still finds time to decorate his house and go shopping, but I find it impossible to imagine to not upgrade levels. I feel….bad for him.

Be happy with how long you have until your time is up!


Faerie eggs.

My house has been changing. Mostly because of the faerie eggs in the mystery shop. Note these come from the green Faerie machine, not the pink one marked Fairy Tale.

Some of these Faerie eggs give you some amazing furniture. For example, you can get a door and a wonderful doormat to go along with it:

I’ve also gotten a cute window. I put it in my greenhouse, to add to the greenery:

Finally, the best prize I received from these fantastic eggs…a bed!

It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? With sunflower pillows and everything! I checked how much I could get for it…799 coins! This was a great bargain as I’d paid only 350 coins for the egg.

Here’s the problem, though: I already have a bed. I don’t need an extra one, but I don’t have the heart to sell this one away. I also don’t have the heart to give it away! I don’t know what I’ll do in the future, but, for now, I’ll just keep it under the shade in my garden:

If you want to get some good furniture, try buying an egg at the mystery shop. They’re only 350 coins, a great deal for this stuff!

Eggs and Giant Rooms

Buy the egg! Only 10 playfish cash

Buy the egg! Only 10 playfish cash

I have some exciting news today. I wandered over to the cash shop, and checked out what was new. Since I had some cash, and I could get more, I thought it would be worth window-shopping for a while. So, I saw this cool new object. They call it: The egg, and it’s only 10 playfish cash! If you don’t have any cash, don’t feel bad, there are many other things that you can get with coins.

I’m curious to find out what this egg will bring. I hope to conduct some experiments to find out if the mysterious item is the same for every egg, or there are different items. It could range from anything to the illustrious rainbow poo to a nasty couch. There are possibilities unexplored. Once the egg hatches, I will be sure to make a post about it!

egg copy


In other news, you can now buy extra rooms! Once again, these involve playfish cash, don’t feel bad if you don’t have the money. But you can buy extra large rooms, and I did it! I bought an extra room, because my kitchen on the bottom floor was getting overloaded. So, now my kitchen is on the third floor.

My old kitchen on the bottom floor is being transformed into a library/play room. Don’t know how it’ll work out, but I hope it will.

Besides the egg and the extra room, there is one more thing that I want. Right now, I have 8 playfish cash, and I need 15 to buy this item. What is it? It’s a hat! A fishing hat!

This hat is special... and it covers up your pet's bald spots.

This hat is special... and it covers up your pet's bald spots.

This isn’t just any fishing hat, it allows you to catch fish and ONLY fish. No trash! No more stupid bike wheels, or broken vases, or other crap that no one needs. Just fish! So every bite is guaranteed to be a fish. But, it’s 15 playfish cash, and I don’t have enough. I’ll have to keep doing those surveys…

My garden…improved!

Alright, the last time I showed you my garden…it sucked.  It was barren and deserted, and there wasn’t very!

But, it’s only taken a week for me to finally improve my garden! Katrina has been working so hard, tending to her garden. In fact, she’s so tired that when I logged in this morning, she flat-out fell asleep right on the floor, not even bothering to check how much she won in the lottery:

Back to my garden, here’s what happened

BEFORE I improved my garden:



AFTER I improved my garden:

much better, eh? And I’ve only got one hole left!

As for my other garden…well, I didn’t focus on that one too much:

Yeah, I’m embarrassed.

I have to say, I love the gardens, after I visit all of my friends, I end up with about 500 coins– just enough to buy a  tree seed at the garden store. I go bankrupt nearly everyday, because I waste my money on seeds and pots. I just try to perfect my garden as much as I can, that’s all! It gives me a great feeling! Why, the other day, I almost mistook Katrina for Isaac Newton when she stood under the apple tree:

 (This picture was taken at a friend’s garden, By the way 🙂 )

Also, sometime during the summer, I am planning to create a brand new page on the blog out of complete boredom: The idiot’s guide to P.S. Gardening.

 Coming soon to the pet society addict Blog.

Ok, I’m a procrastinator, and my parents don’t let me use the digital camera  for this. I only take pictures with the handy dandy pet society camera. However, it can’t take pictures of everything, which really sucks. So IF this guide comes out soon, I can’t promise great pictures, but hopefully the guide will be helpful enough to assist you in creating a beautiful garden!

The garden!!!

Congratulate me, please! Today I have just grown my first orange. I was very happy to see an orange in the tree. Without thinking I tore it down, and it fell on the ground:

Before Katrina could swallow it, I grabbed and checked how much I could get for it: 65 coins!!!!!

So now, I can sell  fruits and veggies for good prices!!! I will never take my tree down! I love the gardens!!!

Here’s how my garden looks right now:

I’m in the process of growing some more plants right now. Also, I finally found out what to do with my ex-garden…I turned it into a green house!

Well, it’s more of a blue and pink house, but I don’t really care. Yes, I realize that it is half-empty, but once I grow some more plants, it’ll be filled with flowers!!! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them later, but I’ll most likely give them away and restart the process. So my pet has a job now. Yippee!

Big news!!!

Alright, I logged into pet society, and I found two extra rooms in my house! But it was so peculiar to find them, because they were on the bottom floor of my house (I already have three on the bottom) and I went to check them out. Incredible! I can plant anything there! They even have the dirt pushed out, so I can plant whatever I want! That means I can get rid of my old garden, and create something else! Here’s a picture of it:


And adding to that, there is a new garden store, so you can plant seeds and stuff!!! Some trees even have fruits, so now I have them whenever I need them!!!!!!!

This is really surprising! Once I decorate my gardens and my ex-garden, I will be posting, so check for updates soon!

Extra room!

I know I’m a little late on this so I’m going to pretend it just happened today…

OMG! When I logged into pet society this morning, I was so amazed to find an extra room in my house. Finally! I’d been waiting for an extra room for ages to start on my terrace. I was pretty surprised to see the sixth room in my house.

see? Even Katrina is delighted about the news!

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